Why I Offer Stem Cell Therapy

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As a doctor, I am passionate about providing the best healthcare possible to my patients. But, in addition to that, I am deeply concerned about my pet parents.

I see the emotional toll it takes on dog owners when they struggle to provide their pets the healthcare they deserve. Pet owners look to their veterinarian to give them options when their dog is struggling.

That is why I talk to them about HUC-DT Regenerative Stem Cell therapy. Pet parents know about the medical advancements we have made in the human world and they deserve to know that it is now a new option for their own beloved family pets.

When I discussed the option with Stacy, she understood and embraced the therapy right away. Her dogs Rosie and Jax had been in decline for some time.

Umbilical vs Autogolous

Rosie struggled with dementia and arthritis and the limitations and pain associated with athritis. She was on chronic pain medications, supplements and laser therapy. Jax started exhibiting arthritic symptoms and now Stacy had to consider putting him on pain medication as well.

Now Stacy could offer Jax something new; something that was never available for his older sister, Rosie.

We scheduled the therapy for both dogs and everything went well. That is, until a few days later. That’s when I received a call from Stacy ahead of her one week recheck, which made me think that something was wrong.

Stacy quickly assured me that there was nothing wrong but, in fact, everything was the same. Relieved, I went on to explain to Stacy that the therapy takes time to show results.

“No,” she corrected herself, “I meant to say it’s the same for Rosie now as in ‘before the pain meds’. I have not restarted the pain medication and Rosie does not notice.

It’s not a miracle…”, Stacy’s voice stopped for a moment before continuing, “but it’s a small miracle.

The ear-to-ear smile I heard over the phone was the first sign of relief I heard from Stacy in a long time.

Dog parents need to know what new medicines are now available and that is why I am happy to share what stem cells can do for them.

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Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For Your Dog?

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