Why Do Stem Cells for Dogs Work So Well? 7 Quick Facts

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Why stem cells work

In the past, your sick or injured dog only had two treatment options: surgery or pharmaceutical medication. Now it’s a different story. Vets and pet owners today have access to exciting and advanced treatments like stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is a leading regenerative procedure that has proven itself to be beneficial and accessible to pets and their owners. This safe and natural procedure helps dogs battle the complications of chronic inflammation.

Since stem cell therapy is such a new procedure, you may not realize that it’s a viable option for your dog. Or perhaps you don’t yet understand the regenerative benefits of this innovative therapy.

Reliable information is hard to find, especially when it comes to cutting-edge procedures. Let’s take some time to examine the real stem cell therapy facts. Could this be the natural therapy your dog has needed for so long?

Why is Stem Cell Therapy Only For Dogs?

The benefits of stem cell therapy for dogs are clear, but unfortunately, the procedure can’t be used for cats.

But aren’t dogs and cats similar? Not really.

HUC-DT stem cell therapy uses stem cells from human cord blood. The reason canines respond so well to human stem cells is because people and dogs share close DNA and biology. HUC-DT stem cell therapy uses stem cells from human cord blood. In fact, dogs and humans share more than 98% of DNA proteins. This makes it possible to use a treatment on canines that was obtained from humans.

Since the process of inflammation is driven by these shared proteins and other biochemicals, dogs and humans also share very similar inflammatory processes. As a result, human stem cells improve canine health.

Cats don’t share any biological similarities with humans; their unique physiology create different inflammation cycles and immune properties.

Stem cell therapy for cats may be developed in the future, but the current HUC-DT therapy delivers the best results with dogs.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work so Quickly?

Stem cell therapy doesn’t require a long appointment or months of recovery to achieve results. Instead, stem cells travel immediately to the source of inflammation. They latch themselves to damaged tissues and secrete biochemicals to decrease inflammation, augment the healing process, and support cellular repair.

So when your dog undergoes HUC-DT stem cell therapy, five million stem cells are delivered to areas where only a few hundred would have naturally existed. As the root cause of inflammation is targeted with powerful stem cells, swelling, redness, and pain can quickly dissipate.

Stem Cell Therapy Facts: Benefits for Pets and Their Owners

There are many reasons to address your dog’s health problem with stem cell therapy. It offers unique benefits that no other veterinary procedure can.

Stem Cell Therapy is a Low-Risk Procedure

Unlike surgery and dependence on medication, which put your pup at risk of long-term complications, stem cell therapy is a low-risk procedure. The entire stem cell infusion process takes less than 30 minutes. It’s so gentle that most dogs can trot right out the door afterwards!

Without concerns of anesthesia, blood clots, and post-surgical infections, you can feel confident that your dog will reap the benefits of stem cell therapy without unnecessary risks.

Stem Cell Therapy Requires Less Aftercare Than Surgery

Stem cell therapy also offers a shorter and easier recovery period than surgery. You don’t need to contend with casts, braces, pain medications, anesthesia, or other factors common after surgery.

The most important element of any stem cell recovery process is to restrict your dog’s activity as he heals. Try to maintain gentle movements and limit jumping and running during the first few weeks. It doesn’t take long for your dog to exhibit signs of improvements and return to his favorite activities.

Stem Cell Therapy Fights Inflammation Instead of Causing It

Surgery is often viewed as the only treatment for serious health problems, but surgery triggers additional inflammation in the body.

Stem cell therapy is different because it is performed without placing any extra stress or trauma on your dog’s body. As a result, inflammation is effectively targeted and reduced instead of exacerbated.

Stem Cell Therapy Heals Pet’s Body and Owner’s Heart

Stem cell therapy doesn’t just improve the physical health of your pet- it also puts your own mind at ease and helps you trust that your pup is receiving a therapy designed to genuinely improve his quality of life. You don’t need to struggle with the question of, “Did I make the right choice?” because you’ll see the results as your pet regains his energetic, joyful spirit.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help Vets?

HUC-DT stem cell therapy doesn’t just help dogs with joint pain and seizures. It also helps the veterinarians who perform the procedure. Many vets are hesitant to offer stem cell services until they recognize the value stem cell therapy lends to their practices.

HUC-DT Enables Vets to See More Patients

Surgery is a time-consuming process that bogs vets down and minimizes the time they can devote to each patient. Stem cell therapy solves that problem because it only takes about 30 minutes. Even with multiple stem cell procedures a day, HUC-DT veterinarians can see more patients and give them the personal, thorough attention they deserve.

Sets Vets Apart From Others

Vets face stiff competition in their own communities, but providing HUC-DT services can set you apart from the rest. With the power of stem cell therapy, you can shape the reputation of your practice and become known as the leading industry expert in your area. This makes it possible to generate new clients and positive word of mouth, which continues the cycle of boosting revenue- all while improving the lives of the canine patients that you love!

Many Clients Become Regular Patients

If you offer HUC-DT stem cell therapy in your veterinary practice, you’ll attract new clients who seek out your clinic specifically for your progressive therapies.

Small vets are struggling to maintain business with corporate competitors like Walmart and Banfield Pet Hospital; but those “big box” providers can’t offer the level of personalized attention and breakthrough medicine provided by a smaller veterinarian who specializes in stem cell therapy.

Your Next Step with Stem Cell Therapy

Regardless of the disease or injury responsible for diminishing your dog’s quality of life, you want to find the best solution. Equipped with accurate stem cell therapy facts, you can pursue a doctor certified to perform HUC-DT stem cell therapy and help your dog recover his youthful spirit.

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