What Is Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs And How Can It Help My Best Friend?

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Your dog is your best friend, right? No matter what breed they are, or how long you’ve had them, or even how many tricks they can do, your four-legged buddy is the best dog in the world!

Our pets are our kids and as a proud pet mamma or pappa, we would do anything to give them a better life. With that being said, if he or she is in pain, you’re going to do everything you can to stop that pain.

Let’s consider the following scenario. Your trusted running buddy has developed a limp and seems to be restless at night. You have given it a couple of days to get better on its own, but you realize that isn’t working as you look into those big dark eyes and can almost hear him saying, “why won’t you help me?”

So its on to the next step….

That usually begins with going to the vet. The vet does the routine tests: x-rays, muscle stress tests, and a physical examination. Then you find out that your pet is suffering from a partial ACL tear with some arthritis within the joint, probably from all the years of wear and tear from a life well lived with you.

And so the veterinarian gives you your options:

  1. You could stabilize the partial tear with surgery.
  2. You start what can be life long pain medications such as NSAIDs and Tramadol.
  3. You can rely on nutraceuticals that without a doubt can help but by no means can make you pet pain free.
  4. You do nothing and allow your pet to be painful, or even worse you change their lifestyle completely and they no longer get to go on those runs they love; which is torture for both you and your pet!

Now imagine if you could help your best friend WITHOUT putting them through the discomfort of a painful surgery. Help them without the nauseating effects of Tramadol. Help them without the side effects of long term NSAID therapy. What if you could help them in a natural way, using their own biology to dynamically heal and treat their condition?

If this is the choice you would choose for your best friend, then human umbilical stem cell derivative therapy (HUC-DT℠) is where you find your answers.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs?

Stem cell therapy is the non-surgery option for dog owners who REALLY care about their best friend’s health.

The best part is, it’s incredibly simple! Unlike the long, uncomfortable and expensive process involved with surgery, stem cell therapy can be done as little as 15 minutes; takes nothing more than a quick injection or IV infusion, and your pet can go home with you immediately afterwards.

You see, the type of stem cell therapy I use is called HUC-DT℠ – or Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Derivative Therapy.

We take pure human umbilical stem cells and put them in your dog. Weird, right? But it works!

You see, human stem cells produce the same biochemicals as dogs, horses, and other primates. So a human stem cell can generate an almost identical response in a dog as it can in a human.

Stem cells are the building blocks of all cells in all mammals. They’re what our bodies use to heal, rebuild tissues, and fight inflammation and pain.

And because human cells are 98-99% the same as most mammals – including dogs – out cells can help to heal their damaged tissues.

Will Stem Cell Therapy Actually Work?

I treat dogs with arthritis, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, injuries and other problems. Most of them require a single injection. No surgery, no sedation, no pain, no hassle.

Just one, quick injection of pure human stem cells to the painful area.

That’s all it takes; the cells start to migrate to the tissues that need healing and start stimulating the dog’s natural stem cell population. These tiny little stem cells have an amazingly large impact by expediting and augmenting that anti-inflammatory and healing process.

Over just a few weeks – or even just days – owners begin to see mobility and vitality restored to their best friends!

Put simply, HUC-DT℠ is the new way of fighting pain and inflammation and naturally stimulating healing. And, it could be the answer both you and your pet are looking for.

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Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For Your Dog?

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