Pet name: Bailee

Bailee is a 12 year old Golden Retriever with a heart of gold but terrible hips. This old gal has been having increased arthritis for years now thanks to her advanced hip dysplasia. Her owners had noticed that not only was it difficult to just maneuver around the house, but going up and down the stairs had become quite the chore for Bailee, and sometimes she would even refuse to go outside. But now, after HUC-DT therapy, Bailee not only gets around the house with much more ease, but she can go up and down the stairs without hesitation.

Bailee Before stairs

Bailee After Stairs

Pet name: Zoe

Zoe is a 12 and a half year old mixed breed that came to us because she just seemed generally uncomfortable. She was suffering from the typical “old dog” syndrome; not eating well, not sleeping throughout the night, having a hard time getting up and around. After a general IV infusion of stem cells, Zoe is now sleeping soundly throughout the night. Her appetite has increased, and she seems more comfortable overall. To her owners surprise, she has recently even started standing up on her back legs again doing her “walk with my owners” trick which she has not done in years.

Pet name: Ivan

Ivan is our 14 and a half year old super star. To date our oldest pet to receive HUC-DT therapy, this old guy suffered from significant ataxia; a neurological and muscular condition that made it incredibly difficult to coordinate his leg movements and walk in a straight line. He would repeatedly fall every day and had a horrible time going up and down stairs. His arthritis was so severe that his right hind leg was not able to completely flex anymore. For him the simple task of going down the steps and out the doggy door was an enormous trial every day. Two weeks after his IV infusion, Ivan was able to walk more in a straight line, was able to sit and lay down with more ease, and one day he astounded his owners when he actually ran over to greet his mom. In addition, after his infusion he started gaining some of the weight back he had lost over the past several months and his energy level was greatly increased. He has even started jumping into the back of the car on his own again.

Pet name: Lady Bug

Lady Bug is an energetic 8 year old German Shorthair Pointer. Her life has been full of bird hunting, field trials, and non-stop activity. That was until one day when she partially tore her cranial cruciate ligament (ACL) while racing through the back yard. Her owners were very concerned about surgically correcting the knee if it didn’t need to be because of her active lifestyle, so they began looking for alternative therapies and found HUC-DT. Four weeks after her joint infusion Lady Bug was running through the yard again and just as spry as she was before her injury. For Lady Bug, HUC-DT not only helped her avoid a painful surgery, but also gave her a second chance at her working dog life style she lives for.

Pet name: Nestle

Nestle, an almost 10 year old Labrador Retriever, was one of our first patients to receive HUC-DT therapy after she partially tore her cranial cruciate ligament (ACL). Due to her active lifestyle of dock diving, swimming, mountain hiking, and running, she did not have time in her schedule for a surgery or for post surgical bed rest. Her owner and doctor, looking for an alternative to hopefully delay a surgical repair, came to Stem Cells for Dogs™ with some level of skepticism. However, after her joint infusion the results could not be more clear. Not only was she off her pain medications, but she was greeting her owner at the door again with her squeaky toy ready to go for a walk, jumping in the back of the jeep once more, and back to exploring the South Carolina wilderness she and her owner love so much. For Nestle, HUC-DT helped her avoid surgery and get back to her chaotic schedule of tackling the next adventure

Nestle Before limping

Nestle After Hallway Run

Pet name: Rosie

Don’t let Rosie fool you, she is actually an old lady. At nearly 14 years old, she is still as happy go lucky as she was a decade ago. Unfortunately, there are some aspects of old age you just can’t hide. Rosie had been suffering from significant arthritis in her knees for some time. It was more difficult for her to get up and down and after playing she would fatigue quickly and often be stiff for days if she pushed herself too hard. Rosie’s owner started HUC-DT with the hope that this would give her a little more relief from her arthritis. But now, Rosie not only feels better and gets around with greater ease, she is off of her pain medications completely.

Pet name: Sassy

Sassy had a rough start to life. While only 4 years old, she had been a victim of abuse and had found herself thrown into the shelter because of her blown ACL, most likely a result of her earlier abuse. Sadly, Sassy was going to be euthanized due to injury and the cost it was going to take to help her. Lucky for Sassy, Carolina Loving Hound Rescue stepped in and saved the day. They rescued Sassy and raised money for her surgery. Unfortunately, Sassy still had long road ahead of her. Four weeks after her surgical repair, her other ACL began causing her problems and had developed a partial tear. Stem Cells for Dogs™ hearing Sassy’s story stepped in and helped the Rescue provide HUC-DT℠ for Sassy. Two weeks later, Sassy was running around again, off of all her medications, and had become the superstar everyone at the Rescue knew she was. Now Sassy with a new lease on life, is headed to her new forever home. Thanks to Carolina Loving Hound Rescue and HUC-DT℠, she has the second chance every dog deserves.

Pet name: Shadow

Shadow is a 14 year old rock star. This Golden Retriever has lived a great life. But sometimes, living a great life means your body takes a licking. Shadow has significant arthritis in her hips. Unfortunately for her, her liver enzymes have slowly gone up at each doctor’s visit due to her long term use of NSAIDs and now she is not able to take these pain medications anymore. Not having the pain control she needed, Shadow became more depressed and lethargic. When her owner decided to try HUC-DT, she was hoping that Shadow could feel a little more comfortable in the last of her senior years. However, Shadow did not just feel better after HUC-DT, she became a new dog. Shadow now runs around the yard playing fetch, barks at the neighbor dogs once again, and has more confidence and energy than the clients have seen in years. She has been able to decrease all of her other pain medications and now lives a life reminiscent of a much younger self. Her owner has been so impressed with what HUC-DT has done for her pet, she has even started a blog about it. You can read more about Shadow and her story here.

Pet name: Darla

Don’t let the clothes fool you, Darla is not a diva. Darla lives the high life. It’s not uncommon to see her cruising around town in her stroller dressed to the nines. However, Darla has a secret you wouldn’t know at first glance. The reason she is in that stoller is because she has severe luxating patellas (knee caps) which makes it very difficult for her to walk long distances on her own. Both her knees have grown arthritic, and if it wasn’t for the love and devotion of her mother, she would not be able to get around and function throughout the day. Her owner turned to HUC-DT hoping little Darla could find some relief. Since her bilateral joint infusion, Darla is now able to get around the house much better and can even strut her stuff again. Thanks to HUC-DT, you may see Darla around town but this time it’s her brother riding in the stoller.

Pet name: Zoey

Zoey is a 15 year old hurricane Katrina rescue. Zoey is a kind and friendly dog, but at 15 years old Zoey was startling herself awake 5-6 times an hour due to the arthritis pain in her hips. Zoey hadn’t jumped up on her back legs for almost 5 years. She also didn’t follow her owners around the house as much because she was usually found sleeping, or trying to sleep. Zoey received HUC-DT therapy in the hopes that it would improve her quality of life. Since her HUC-DT infusion Zoey is now sleeping soundly, she has become even more affectionate, and she is jumping on her back legs every day. Her owners say she’s like the dog they knew 8 years ago. Now Zoey is leading the charge on walks instead of slowly following along behind.

Pet name: Angus

Angus is a very busy dog show schedule and is one of the finest specimens around. While he sets the breed standards, Angus struggles with almost daily seizures. Even despite his regular medications, Angus has not been able to find relief. When he began HUC-DT, we were not sure if his seizure condition would respond to stem cell therapy, but luckily for Angus HUC-DT℠ has decreased the severity of his seizures helping him be better controlled on regular medications.
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