Stem Cells For Dogs Veterinary Scholarship Application

We believe that the future of modern Veterinary medicine has to do with Regenerative Therapies such as Stem Cell Therapy for pets.

Stem Cells For Dogs is pioneering a dog arthritis treatment which could very well be the future of surgery free treatments for dogs with joint pain.

We are giving away a 1,000 dollar scholarship to the best 500-1000 word essay that talks about why regenerative medicine using treatments such as stem cell therapy is the future. (Particularly focusing on the use of donated human cord blood or HUC-DT).

To learn more about this type of treatment, read over the articles on this site and do your research. Make sure to include a list of resources for your essay as well.

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Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For Your Dog?

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1. How & if stem cell therapy can help your dog
2. What you need to know before treatment
3. How stem cell therapy can save you money