Stem Cells and Arthritis… Can Stem Cells Help My Dog?

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Like humans, dogs are prone to wear and tear on their joints. Arthritis in dogs is a sad but common condition that affects all breeds and sizes. In fact, it’s thought that around 80 percent of dogs will develop arthritis as they age. In the clinic, we see this every day, multiple times a day.

Joint pain in dogs is particularly devastating because most of our pets are very active, running around every chance they can, engaging in fetch, and living for the weekend trip to the dog park. Joint pain can take these activities away from your pet, or at least decrease their enjoyment. Not to mention, arthritis often develops as a secondary condition to other joint problems such as chronic hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, or previous injury from years before.

Until recently, there were limited options for treating canine arthritis. But new research has found a promising treatment: stem cell therapy.

The New Kind of Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs

Most people have heard that stem cell therapy is being used in human medicine to treat a variety of pain conditions. Now, we are using stem cell therapy to treat debilitating joint problems in man’s best friend, too.

Until recently, stem cell therapy in pets was almost entirely autologous therapy. Autologous therapy involves harvesting stem cells from a host animal and expanding them over several days to weeks, then injecting them directly into the damaged or arthritic joints of the animal (while under sedation or anesthesia).

While autologous therapy works well, there’s an even better way. It’s called Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Derivative Therapy (HUC-DT℠).

I’m Dr Tyler Simpson, and that’s what I do at Sunrise Animal Hospital. And we are seeing dogs from everywhere get a new lease on life.

Why HUC-DT Is The Better Stem Cell Therapy

Unlike autologous stem cell therapy, HUC-DT℠ uses human umbilical cord stem cells to safely and naturally reduce inflammation in damaged joints and begin to repair damaged tissue. All of this is done without surgery, without sedation, and without a painful recovery unlike autologous therapy.

We have used HUC-DT℠ to successfully treat arthritis, hip dysplasia, tendonitis, partial ACL tears, seizures, and other inflammatory diseases and injuries. These special cells have been found to speed healing and significantly decrease pain, even in older dogs.

Research is showing that HUC-DT℠ can restore a dog’s mobility and vitality within just a few weeks. Best of all, most of our patients are able to decrease their daily pain medications.

In fact, over 80% of older dogs with osteoarthritis who are treated with HUC-DT℠ have a massive improvement in their quality of life. And over 25% of those receiving stem cell infusions are able to cut back their pain medications within their first year of treatment!

I’ve already treated my own dog with HUC-DT℠ and some of my best client’s pets, and I’ve seen the incredible result firsthand. Owners thank me every day for giving their pets a new lease of life!

Curious about how HUC-DT℠ could improve your dog’s life? We think any pet owner should be!

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