Stem Cell Therapy in Your Veterinary Practice: Is It Worth the Cost?

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What if you could tap into an entirely new revenue stream for your veterinary practice?

Better yet, what if this new revenue stream didn’t just provide profits, but also offered your patients a state-of-the-art natural therapy for painful joints and other chronic conditions?

You’d sign up immediately, right?

As it turns out, this innovative source of revenue isn’t just a daydream — it’s a very real and proven process called HUC-DT stem cell therapy.

No other veterinary treatment offers the unique advantages that stem cell therapy provides. If you begin offering stem cell therapy in your vet clinic, you’ll be able to generate more revenue for your practice, set your clinic apart from your biggest competitors, and provide an evidence-based, affordable treatment to your ailing patients.

Simply put, your vet practice and your patients can both reap the benefits of this regenerative treatment.

The Costs of Stem Cell Therapy

Every veterinary procedure comes with a cost, not just to your patients but to your practice itself. Since stem cell therapy is such a ground-breaking and advanced procedure, you might make the mistake of assuming it’s far too expensive to implement in your own vet clinic, but you’d be wrong.

Stem Cell Therapy Materials

As a medical expert, you’re no stranger to the procedures that require extremely high upfront costs like huge new machines or expensive refill materials. Stem cell therapy is different! Rather than being forced to purchase expensive materials to perform each therapy session, you only need basic supplies you already have on hand:

  • Catheters
  • IV bags
  • IV fluid lines
  • Needles and syringes

These items are already in your inventory and regularly re-ordered, so you’ll experience a very small impact on your overall material costs.

Staff and Training

In addition to having such high upfront costs, most advanced procedures can only be performed by highly skilled and experienced veterinarians who command high wages. Once again, stem cell therapy breaks the mold on this expectation.

Rather than relying on busy, booked, and highly paid vets to perform stem cell therapy, a vet tech can complete all stem cell therapy procedures. Vet techs only cost your clinic $15 or $20 an hour, but by performing stem cell therapy they can generate $500 to $700 in pure revenue during just one 15-minute appointment!

No other treatment has the potential to deliver so much revenue in a small time frame, especially by a staff member who normally cannot generate significant profits for the clinic. The math speaks for itself. If one vet technician completes just four stem cell sessions in a month, he will generate $2,000 per month and $24,000 per year for the entire vet practice.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, you don’t need to worry about taking the time or resources to train your vet techs to perform stem cell therapy. When you partner with Stem Cells for Dogs, stem cell therapy experts will travel to your clinic location and directly train and prepare your staff members. Rather than devoting your time, money, and energy to hiring new technicians to perform stem cell therapy, you add additional value and scale to employees you’re already paying.

Stem Cells Themselves

Stem cells are sold per ml, but this isn’t a cost your clinic absorbs directly. Instead, your patients pay for their stem cells prior to the procedure taking place. There’s a markup on stem cells, just like any other medication on the shelf, so you’re able to capture extra profit through each stem cell order placed. Even the shipping costs are passed along to customers.

Marketing and Promotion

The final stem cell therapy cost to consider involves marketing and promotion to past, future, and potential customers. Marketing isn’t always easy, but it’ll feel effortless to your clinic thanks to the resources offered with your Stem Cells for Dogs certification package.

Our Stem Cells for Dogs team is dedicated to helping your clinic successfully implement stem cell therapy, so in addition to providing the education, training, and guidance you need to master stem cell therapy, we also offer a complete marketing system:

  • Client education materials
  • Social media filters and integration techniques
  • SEO strategies
  • Traffic funnels

Whatever your clinic needs to create an effective marketing campaign, Stem Cells for Dogs can provide and support. We’re committed to minimizing your costs while maximizing your reach.

Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Surgery: Which Is More Cost-Effective?

As an experienced veterinarian, surgical treatments have always been a huge component of your practice. It might feel strange or disconcerting to utilize stem cell therapy when it’s so dramatically different from surgery. However, a quick look at the numbers proves that stem cell therapy offers a cost efficiency that surgery simply can’t.

Staff Training Time

Consider everything that’s involved in the process of training your staff for a new surgical procedure. For example, if your clinic adopted a new ACL repair technique, you’d have no choice but to undergo expensive and time-intensive training efforts:

  • Send your staff to specific meetings or seminars
  • Pay for expensive in-laboratory training
  • Close your clinic or lose revenue on days when your staff members participate in trainings
  • Spend twice as much time performing new surgeries on your patients as you and your staff become familiar with the techniques

Through all of this, your clinic loses money on training, travel, and lost revenues, with no clear way to recoup those expenses.

Compare all of that to stem cell therapy, which provides rapid technician training in your own clinic. Lead veterinarians can still see other patients while vet techs perform stem cell therapy procedures and generate incredible revenues for your practice.

Supplies and Equipment

Training isn’t the only expensive component of surgical procedures. Any surgical procedure you perform in your vet clinic likely requires expensive instruments and materials. You’re forced to buy them before each surgery, yet the cost isn’t always passed on to your patients.

Stem cell therapy through SCFD, on the other hand, offers the benefit of low equipment costs. You even make a profit on the stem cells themselves!

The Bottom Line

Surgery plays a huge role in veterinary care, but that doesn’t mean it should. Stem cell therapy offers an effective alternative to surgery by delivering benefits for patients and vets alike. If you harness stem cell therapy in your vet clinic, you’ll watch in astonishment as your revenues surge and your patients become healthier and happier.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the hand-picked veterinarian practices to offer stem cell therapy services to your patients, contact Stem Cells for Dogs today to begin your certification process. It will only take a few months to transform your vet practice and the health of your furry patients.

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