The New Treatment That Can Have Your Dog Acting Like A Puppy Again

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stem cell therapy for senior dog

It doesn’t matter how terrible your day has been. As soon as you walk through your front door and hear your puppy’s paws pattering across the room to greet you, all your worries fade away.

A new puppy brings pure and overwhelming joy to your life. Just like a newborn baby fills a void her parents never knew was missing until she arrived, a puppy adds a new layer of love to your life. Watching your puppy express his unconditional love for you can change your entire perspective on life.

What’s really important, anyway? A puppy can innocently, eagerly, and unintentionally nudge you to forget about your troubles and appreciate the moment. It’s a form of joy that only pet owners can truly understand.

So what happens when your puppy ages and starts losing bits and pieces of his natural vitality to illness and injury? The reality of your puppy’s mortality is a smack in the face. However, thanks to a procedure known as stem cell therapy for dogs, you can take matters into your own hands and help your dog feel like a puppy again.

The Fear of Loss

It might happen slowly, but over time you notice your puppy has turned into an aging dog. He used to zip across the yard and catch the ball before it hit the ground, but now he’s prone to tripping and falling in the grass. Lightning fast sprints up the stairs have turned into slow, heavy walks.

You find yourself filled with a sense of hopelessness. You are your dog’s entire world, and you love him beyond words. But you can’t make him jump higher or run faster. You’re left feeling stunned and disoriented when his once invincible energy and joy are stripped away.

Most adults are survived by their children and know that, short of a trauma or tragedy, they’ll leave the world long before their children. But the same can’t be said of pets. The majority of adults outlive their pets, but that fact only becomes a painful reality as your dog ages and shows signs of weakness he never exhibited as a puppy.

You’re forced to address the fact that your dog can’t live forever, but there are still steps you can take to improve his quality of life and extend the time he has left as a member of your family.

NSAIDs for Dogs: Easy But Dangerous

NSAIDs like Motrin and Aleve are easy and convenient. You take a few pills and feel relief from your pain in less than an hour. This explains why it’s so tempting to use NSAIDs to help your ailing dog feel more comfortable.

Before your pet’s pain becomes too prevalent, the potential need for NSAIDs may only come up in annual visits to the vet. As your vet asks questions about your dog’s movements, habits, and behavior, he may notice a problem you didn’t see… or didn’t want to see.

stem cells for dogs

However, if your dog’s discomfort has become so obvious that you feel compelled to make a vet appointment specifically to address his pain, you’re more likely to request NSAIDs right away. You just want a solution to keep your dog out of misery! Unfortunately, NSAIDs for dogs aren’t always the best choice.

NSAIDs for dogs pose the risk of many complications. It only takes two Advil to nearly kill a dog. Even when used in proper doses, long-term NSAID use harms the gastrointestinal system and makes your dog more vulnerable to kidney and liver problems.

Every medication must be filtered through the kidneys or liver, a task that becomes increasingly difficult as your pet ages. It’s all too easy for your pet to develop renal or liver toxicity if NSAIDs become trapped in the body.

When NSAIDs become too dangerous, you might be tempted to move on to painkillers like Metacam and Rimadyl. These medications inhibit other essential biochemical processes offering no underlying healing or recovery. It’s at this point that many pet owners use stem cell therapy for dogs as a natural alternative.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Turn a Dog’s Life Around?

You might be tempted to use stem cell therapy as your “Hail Mary” when nothing else works to keep your dog comfortable. Though, this safe and natural therapy works even better as a preventative measure.

Stem cells exist naturally in the body to rebuild and heal damaged tissues. The biochemicals secreted by stem cells accelerate and augment the body’s healing process. They do this by reducing inflammation, converting into other healthy cells, and directing other cells to reverse the damage.

Stem cell therapy strategically injects potent and concentrated stem cells into the area of injury to jumpstart this comprehensive healing process. It’s used for conditions ranging from arthritis and seizures to dementia and hip dysplasia.

Unlike NSAIDs, pain killers, and other temporary solutions, stem cell therapy for dogs stimulates long-lasting healing and improves your pet’s quality of life!

Take the example of a 13-year-old golden retriever, Shadow, who meant the whole world to her owners. She’d fought through numerous injuries and diseases, including more than five years of regular NSAID use. When Shadow developed liver sensitivity to the drugs, her owners had no choice but to pull her off the medication.

Their happy-go-lucky dog suddenly felt every bit of pain caused by her arthritis and hip dysplasia. She couldn’t walk and barely had the energy to bark. Shadow’s owners desperately sought stem cell therapy for dogs, unsure of what to expect.

Just two weeks after Shadow’s stem cell infusion, she surprised her owners by meeting them at the door when they came home, something she hadn’t had the strength to do in so long! Shadow improved progressively until she could even play fetch and bark at the neighbors. She was finally living instead of just surviving.

That’s the power of regenerative medicine. Shadow’s story demonstrates the hope we hold for all patients at Stem Cells for Dogs. If we can give our patients a better quality of life for a longer period of time, then we can enrich the lives of pets and pet owners alike.

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