How to Implement Stem Cell Therapy in Your Veterinary Practice

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Dod stem cell therapy

You may already be familiar with stem cell therapy, the ground-breaking regenerative procedure that benefits your vet practice as much as it benefits the dogs you help. But do you know how to take the exciting concept of stem cell therapy and successfully implement it into your veterinary practice?

Stem Cells For Dogs, led by accomplished veterinarian Dr. Tyler Simpson, is leading the way to help vets harness the power of canine stem cell therapy for all that it’s worth. If you’re interested in implementing stem cell therapy as a profitable service in your own practice, Stem Cells For Dogs can help you every step of the way.

Stem Cell Therapy: One of the Smartest Procedures for Vet Clinics to Offer

No other veterinary procedure offers the unique advantages that stem cell therapy provides. Your vet practice and your patients can both reap the benefits of this regenerative therapy.

Generate More Revenue for Your Practice

Not all forms of stem cell therapy are simple and profitable, which is why Stem Cells For Dogs specifically equips veterinary practices with the resources to perform HUC-DT stem cell therapy.

This HUC-DT method requires only a fraction of the time and total cost of conventional stem cell therapy. It doesn’t involve anesthesia, bone marrow harvesting, or other complex procedures that can only be completed by a professional veterinarian. Instead, your vet technician can lead each HUC-DT stem cell IV treatment under your supervision.

This allows a vet tech making a salary of about $15 or $20 per hour to generate anywhere from $500 to $700 in revenue in a simple 15-minute appointment! No other therapy has the potential to deliver so much pure revenue in a small time frame. Better yet, it allows a technician to generate significant profits for a veterinary clinic, something that is rarely seen in small animal medicine.

Earn Name Recognition

Competition is intense among vet practices. You need a way to stand out from the other vets in your area and earn name recognition with local residents. Stem cell therapy is your key!

HUC-DT stem cell is cutting-edge therapy that very few vets are using. Helping your canine patients with the power of HUC-DT stem cell therapy will help you shape the reputation of your practice and become known as the leading industry expert in your area. This makes it possible to generate new clients and positive word of mouth, which continues the cycle of boosting revenue.

Stem cell therapy for veterinarians

Help Clients Afford the Therapy Their Dogs Need

Of course, the financial benefits to your practice aren’t the only reasons to embrace HUC-DT stem cell therapy. You also have the heart of a vet who wants to help every sick and injured animal. Before the advent of stem cell therapy, there simply wasn’t an effective procedure to help with many injuries and illnesses such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and dementia, just to name a few.

HUC-DT stem cell therapy makes it possible to offer your patients the help they need without the intimidating and restrictive price tag. HUC-DT has been used to successfully minimize, stop, and even reverse many common canine problems:

While the old stem cell therapy and complex surgeries cost at least $6,000, HUC-DT is available to patients for only $2,000. Just one procedure is enough for most dogs for a lifetime, so it’s an investment that truly makes a difference.

Take These Steps to St

art Offering Stem Cell Therapy to Your Patients

If you’re excited by the potential for HUC-DT stem cell therapy to improve your vet practice and help your your patients more effectively, there are certain steps you can take to become a HUC-DT stem cell therapy provider through Stem Cells For Dogs.

Contact Stem Cells For Dogs for Approval Into Program

It’s crucial that all veterinarians are screened, approved, and properly trained to use HUC-DT stem cells properly. The very first step to incorporate stem cell therapy into your vet practice is to contact Stem Cells For Dogs to undergo screening and begin your certification process.

One of our team members will walk you through certification requirements and the full training process. We look for vet practices that currently serve clientele likely to utilize HUC-DT for their pets, vet practices equipped with the technologies and medical practices that support HUC-DT stem cell therapy, and vets with a stellar reputation in the field.

Education From SCFD: What It Takes to Be Successful

After you’re accepted as one of our hand-picked veterinary practices approved to provide HUC-DT stem cell therapy, our team will walk you through every step needed for success. We’re not just going to hand over such a valuable tool and wish you luck as we leave! Stem Cells For Dogs is dedicated to making your vet practice as successful as possible.

On-Site Training

Stem Cells For Dogs offers on-site HUC-DT stem cell therapy training to your veterinarians and technicians. Our experts come to your clinic and walk you through the certification process to ensure you are equipped with all the knowledge and familiarity needed to provide this service to patients.

Start Marketing Canine Stem Cell Therapy

Educating your clients about veterinary stem cell therapy is essential, so Stem Cells For Dogs is here to provide all of the marketing tools and resources you need. Remember — if your clients don’t learn about stem cell therapy from you, they may never know that such an exciting and effective regenerative option exists.

It’s important to understand that you’re not always educating your clients with the goal of scheduling their dogs’ stem cell appointments next week. For many of your patients, stem cell therapy will prove valuable in a few months or years when common conditions present symptoms that indicate the need for testing and therapy.

Through your connection with Stem Cells For Dogs, you’ll gain access to testimonials, videos, before-and-after stories, brochures, and other valuable marketing resources for your office. We’ll also walk you through the process of using social media to influence your audience, boost web traffic, and capture leads. Our goal is to help you effectively generate buzz about your new regenerative services.

Utilize the Online Portal

Along with your social media and in-office marketing, Stem Cells For Dogs also provides a website portal to help you stay connected. The portal makes it possible to share resources, take online courses, print legal forms and releases, access updated marketing information, place orders, and so much more.

If you have questions about a case, need clarification on stem cell dosages, or would like a second opinion to evaluate the best joints to treat, our experts at Stem Cells For Dogs are here to evaluate your radiographs and help you make the right choices as you handle your patient cases. We can even provide support using FaceTime to walk you through the process!

Stay Connected With SCFD

Stem Cells For Dogs doesn’t simply certify you and forget you. We are here to stay connected with you and provide ongoing support. Beyond the initial certification and marketing efforts that launch your stem cell therapy services, Stem Cells For Dogs offers all the resources you need for patient follow-up, brand development, and client retention.

For example, if one of your canine patients still hasn’t regained their range of motion six months after the procedure, you can contact Stem Cells For Dogs for any advice you need. Our team will talk through the problems, suggest protocols and supplementary modalities, and make sure that you have the resources to help that patient as much as possible.

Get Started With SCFD Today

Stem Cells For Dogs is proud to offer a completely unique and unprecedented opportunity for veterinary practices to embrace an advanced regenerative therapy that benefits clients, canine patients, and vet offices alike.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the hand-picked veterinarian practices to offer stem cell therapy services to your patients, contact Stem Cells For Dogs today to begin your certification process. It will only take a few months to transform your vet practice and the health of your furry patients.

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