Canine Stem Cell Success: How Sandy Went From ACL Injury to Unstoppable Bird Dog

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Dog stem cell treatment case study

If your dog is suffering from an injury or degenerative disease like an ACL tear, arthritis, or hip dysplasia, you’ve probably explored every treatment option available, only to be disappointed by the risks, side effects, and low success rates of each.

What if you found a safe and affordable way to reduce, or even eliminate, your dog’s pain without surgery, medications, or other band-aid solutions? You wouldn’t need to think twice about it, right?

That safe, affordable, and effective procedure actually does exist. HUC-DT stem cell therapy is a new innovation that harnesses the natural regenerative power of stem cells to help aging and ailing dogs overcome health issues and live happy, fulfilling lives once again.

Sandy, a bird dog with a torn ACL, is just one of the many dogs to benefit from this natural therapy.

One round of HUC-DT stem cell therapy helped Sandy regain her energetic spirit and move without any signs of her former ACL tear.  

The Unique Case of Bird Dogs

Bird dogs are specific breeds of dogs like the English setter, German shorthair pointer, and Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever. They are highly active dogs that serve not just as pets, but as working dogs. Bird dogs like Sandy are hunting dogs most commonly used to retrieve birds or other small game animals.

Day after day, year after year, bird dogs run, jump, and place unnatural forces on their knees, hips, and other joints. It’s simply in a bird dog’s nature to exhibit high energy, constant movement, and an unstoppable work ethic.

Working as hunting dogs for so many years causes excessive damage to the musculoskeletal system. After seven or eight years of working and running hard in the fields every day, bird dogs develop limps and become vulnerable to injuries like ACL tears and arthritis.

Until the emergence of stem cell therapy, surgery was the only treatment for such serious injuries. However, surgery requires at least two months of quiet recovery with minimal physical movement, something that bird dogs aren’t naturally capable of doing.

Asking a bird dog to sit quietly and calmly for two full months is no different than telling a two-year-old to do the same thing. Bird dogs are bred to work, not relax. 

stem cell therapy for dogs case study

Sandy Tore Her ACL

It was shortly after Sandy’s 7th birthday when her owner noticed a limp developing. The intermittent limping prevented Sandy from moving, running, and jumping. In the words, it prevented her from working.  

A visit to the vet confirmed the source of the limp as a partial ACL tear. The ACL connects the bone above the knee with the bone below the knee, which makes it responsible for stabilizing the knee joint. An ACL tear occurs when the ACL separates from the bone.

The vet immediately recommended surgery to repair the ACL. Most vets consider surgery the only way to treat an ACL tear to prevent degeneration of the knee joint in the future, but Sandy’s owner was determined to find a better alternative to ACL surgery.

Searching For An Alternative to ACL Surgery

Sandy’s journey led her to Stem Cells For Dogs, where Dr. Tyler Simpson is devoted to using natural stem cell therapy to help canine injuries and diseases.

Stem cell therapy is an exciting procedure for ACL injuries because it addresses the core difficulty associated with ACL healing: ligaments have very poor blood supply, which limits the tissue’s ability to heal.

Humans can often bypass this lack of blood flow with a sling or brace that forces the ligament to stay straight for months at a time, but canines, especially bird dogs, can’t be forced to stay still for days or weeks at a time.

Ignoring the problem definitely isn’t the answer, either.  An ACL injury creates instability within the joint itself, which in turn triggers arthritis.

After just one year of living with an untreated ACL tear, a dog’s joints can age more than ten years. Arthritis accumulates in the joints rapidly until the dog cannot walk, run, or live a normal, active life.

As Sandy’s case proves, stem cell therapy provides a viable alternative to surgery when therapy can occur before an ACL tear becomes too severe.

How Stem Cell Therapy Helped Sandy’s ACL Injury

Stem cell therapy is an innovative process that harnesses the body’s existing healing mechanisms to help injured areas of the body with stem cells.

Dr. Simpson used HUC-DT stem cell therapy for Sandy’s injury. This procedure delivered 5 million stem cells directly into Sandy’s partially torn ACL to accelerate the natural healing process and minimize damaging inflammation.

When HUC-DT is used for partial ACL tears, the healing process becomes expedited while pain and inflammation decrease. This offers valuable applications for dogs like Sandy with ACL injuries:

  • HUC-DT has the potential to heal partial tears to prevent the need for surgery in the future
  • HUC-DT has the potential to enhance ligament health and heal microtears to minimize the likelihood of ACL damage
  • HUC-DT avoids the pain, complications, and lengthy recovery associated with ACL surgery

Sandy’s Natural Energy Has Been Restored

Only two short weeks after Sandy’s stem cell injection, her owner noticed that Sandy was starting to move without a noticeable limp. Not only was Sandy more energetic, but her entire demeanor seemed revitalized. She was even able to stop depending on anti-inflammatory and pain medications altogether.

Within four weeks, Sandy was liberated from pain and able to return to many of her favorite activities once again. At the two-month mark, all signs of Sandy’s previous ACL injury had disappeared.

Today, you can find Sandy can effortlessly participating in her favorite birding and training activities. She’s able to sprint through fields, track game, and fulfill her working purpose without any hint of pain or discomfort — all thanks to stem cell therapy.

Could Your Dog Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy?

Sandy is just one of many dogs whose life has been transformed by stem cell therapy. If your dog is suffering from limping, joint pain, or other common canine conditions, stem cell therapy could help your pet avoid surgery as well.

Visit our Clinic Locator to find a HUC-DT certified veterinarian near you. Learn more today so that you can give your dog the best and most cutting edge regenerative proceduress available.

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