Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Dogs With IVDD?

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IVDD stands for intervertebral disk disease, and it can lead to all sorts of mobility problems in dogs.
It’s a common cause of back pain or rear limb paralysis, and can often prevent the dog from being able to walk or feel his or her legs.

IVDD can occur in any breed or mix of breeds, and in dogs of any age or gender. Some breeds are more susceptible to IVDD than others, particularly the Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Pekingese and Beagle.

IVDD can affect any part of the spine, causing pain to complete paralysis in the neck or back.

The symptoms of IVDD may often resemble a ruptured disk, such as caused by trauma or injury. If left untreated, IVDD can lead to permanent nerve damage; this means speed to treatment can be the difference between a dog that can walk and permanent paralysis.

So, How DO You Treat IVDD?

For any dog owner, the priority is to reduce their dog’s pain. Most treatment options for IVDD recommended by vets include either surgery or pain relief through medication.

Unfortunately, long term medications can lead to organ dysfunction, and surgery has many risks associated with it also.

That’s why you’ll be glad to hear about stem cell therapy.

Why Human Stem Cells Work

In the case of IVDD, live human umbilical stem cells are injected near the area of the degenerating disc or the spinal cord. The cells sense the damage and begin to migrate into the damaged tissues. In the disc, the stem cells build matrix and secrete proteoglycans, which are the main constituent of the disc matrix. In the spinal cord, the stem cells replace any dead neuron support cells and work to revive the dying nerves.

HUC-DT℠ has the ability to not only help rebuild the damaged disc and nerves, but can greatly decrease pain via dynamic biochemical control within the area of inflammation.

And it’s all done while your pet is conscious: no need for anesthesia!

Incredibly, it may take only one injection to begin restoring your dog’s mobility and innervation.

That’s the power of stem cells!

Want to know more? Head to our website and we’ll explain how you can begin healing your best bud in the most effective way possible.

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Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For Your Dog?

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